A dress made with love

A dress made with love


C & C eloped on Prince Edward Island at Cape Tryon lighthouse this summer with their parents there to witness all their commitment and devotion. It was a beautiful summer day and I was SO proud to show off some of my favourite PEI places. Looking at PEI through the lens of someone seeing Cape Tryon Lighthouse for the first time is always a highlight for me.
C designed and MADE her own dress! Both the photographer, Katrina Kuzminer  and I were totally wow’ed by the  creativity, skill and patience (I literally cannot sew) she has and felt soooo grateful to have been a part of the most beautiful ceremony with the most perfect-for-her wedding dress.
From the relaxed feeling, the no stress attitudes, the laughter, tears and heartfelt, intimate  moments – it was seriously the best!
A little while later, I received such a lovely letter in my inbox and I really can’t thank them enough for their words or the experience of being part of their day!
“C and I can’t stop swooning whenever we think of our wedding because it was truly magical in every way. The way you tailored the ceremony for us was perfect, and it felt like a friend who had known us our whole lives was giving the ceremony. My dress is still covered in red dirt!”

Florals: Sakurah’s Flower Studio 

Elopement Specialist: Me!

Location: Cape Tryon Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island