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I believe that every wedding ceremony should be unique, personal and a perfect reflection of you as a couple. Whether you prefer something “short and sweet” or more complex, I’ll work with you to make sure that your dream PEI wedding ceremony comes true! My style is light, airy, personal and romantic. I promise that your ceremony will be stress free and not boring or stuffy. Prince Edward Island is the perfect backdrop for your special day and I would consider it an honour  to officiate for your wedding ceremony, PEI elopement, commitment ceremony or vow renewal.

Please reach out to me to discuss Your PEI Wedding plans.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Marsha Weeks
PEI Marriage Commissioner

& Wedding Officiant

Make it PEI-perfect.

A dress made with love

C & C eloped on Prince Edward Island at Cape Tryon lighthouse this summer with their parents there to witness all their commitment and devotion. It was a beautiful summer day and I was SO proud to show off some of my favourite PEI places. Looking at PEI through the lens of someone seeing Cape […]

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October Prince Edward Island Elopement

On a Prince Edward Island October day, my new friends Kathy and Kelvin shared the most beautiful vows in Cavendish at L.M. Montgomery Park. Their personal words to each other were deep, whole-hearted, and cherished. Their smiles were blissful, Their love story profound.   There is a unique joy when I officiate for an elopement-style […]

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PEI Love-Story Chronicles, Volume I – “The Bread Clip”

Prince Edward Island Love-Story Chronicles – “The Bread Clip” Written by: Marsha E. Weeks, PEI Wedding Officiant Every PEI wedding that I officiate has something unique and special about it. There are always special nuances, stories and moments that make each PEI wedding day a one-of-a-kind and it’s always the unplanned that brings about those […]

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Your PEI Elopement Style Wedding

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a little writing about an elopement style wedding – and what it is!  I know that I use the words  “PEI Elopement” really ambigiously because to me, it’s whatever you want it to be!  Traditionally, if you eloped, it meant that it was a secret ceremony, with just the two of […]

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Great resources for all your wedding needs

A curated list of partners and preferred vendors.

I have had the privilege of working with many great partners in the Prince Edward Island wedding industry. I only recommend those that I’ve worked with, who are reliable, great at their jobs and who will make Your PEI Wedding fantastic! Each year, there are many more great vendors that I work with and I try to update this list as often as I can.

This is a great tool for anyone planning a wedding from off-island – it can be quite overwhelming to depend on the internet to choose someone that will be part of your big day. I am always open to recommendation questions by email.  Consider this the best Prince Edward Island Wedding Vendors Guide you’ll find!

For the photographer section especially I really tried to showcase various price points and styles so please check out their links, they are all great!

Last note – don’t discount the “other” section – there are many wonderful, unique vendors that will make Your PEI Wedding day amazing!




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