Your PEI Elopement Style Wedding

Your PEI Elopement Style Wedding


Hello everyone!

I wanted to do a little writing about an elopement style wedding – and what it is!  I know that I use the words  “PEI Elopement” really ambigiously because to me, it’s whatever you want it to be!  Traditionally, if you eloped, it meant that it was a secret ceremony, with just the two of you. Sometimes, the word elopement even had a negative association with it.

That is not the case anymore.  An PEI elopement style wedding is many things – it’s affordable, whimsical, intimate, romantic, personal, light, airy and can be to whatever scale your heart desires!

To me, this is what A PEI Elopement Style Wedding could look like (I’ve officiated all of these scenarios): it could mean that you bring your children and get married on a beach in Prince Edward Island and have a family vacation at the same time. It might mean that you bring your parents and stand cliffside at sunrise, overlooking the ocean, and share your forever promises with your wife/husband to be, with the people that that brought you into this world. As long as you’re over 18 years of age, there is no age limit of who can get married – so if you’re in love at the age of 75 and want to marry your sweetheart on a red dirt road – that’s amazing!  An elopement can still mean, just the two of you, in secret or live-streamed to your friends and family back home.  Finally, it  could mean that you have 15-20 of your nearest and dearest surround you as you exchange your vows with your toes in the red sand!

As you can see, there are no rules! The best part about it, is that you have so much freedom in choosing your location and how you want it to look  If you want to elope to Prince Edward Island, here are my best PEI-Elopement-Specialist pro tips for planning that perfect PEI Elopement Style Wedding Day!

  • Choose a Sunday-Thursday date, especially in the summer/fall months. You will be guaranteed to have better choice of preferred vendors ie: photographer, videographer, hair, makeup and if you’re from out of province, a weekday wedding is perfect for same day arrival, same day marriage license appointment. It also a great way to start a pre-honeymoon vacation – Get married on Monday and you’ll have the whole week to explore Prince Edward Island!
  • Make it yours! Choose things to incorporate into your ceremony that really make it yours. As a PEI Wedding Officiant, this is my number one goal. Every ceremony I officiate is personalized, is romantic and light and airy. It’s my signature style. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you should include necessarily! Just by chatting with you and asking the right questions, I can make suggestions and ways to incorporate what makes-you-you into your ceremony.
  • Choose a perfect PEI backdrop! Do you love lighthouses, beaches, gardens, red dirt roads, boats, cliffs, fields?  If you tell me what you love, I’ll find it for you and make the best suggestions. It really helps that I’m an Island girl!
  • Do hire a photographer – Even if it’s just for an hour. Having some special photos of your special ceremony. Not to mention, an hour can really give you opportunity to document your ceremony and get some nearby couple photos. The best part about PEI is that you can have a lighthouse, beach, garden, cliff backdrop within minutes of each other! There is a list of photographers on my website under preferred vendors. Ask them for their elopement rate or better yet, choose my elopement package and I’ll send you a list of wonderful photographers that I work with everyday!
  • Pick the time of day! You may wish to consider a morning or evening ceremony for best light for photos. Perhaps a sunrise ceremony, a picnic brunch and exploring PEI together. Maybe it’s an afternoon boat ride with an accompanying ceremony, dinner and a romantic sunset walk on the beach.
  • Don’t skip something because you think it will be silly – Have your first dance together, even if it’s just a few people there (I’ll play the fiddle for you!). Cut a cake together. Throw the bouquet (it might be the only way I might be able to catch one! haha! and I’d LOVE to catch one by Sakurah’s Floral Studio) and any other traditional or non traditional element you’d like to incorporate. Have a champagne toast, write your own vows, or do the chicken dance. Whatever makes you happy, I’m all for it!
  • Consider a Videographer – For a small add-on fee, you can document your ceremony to share with all of the people that you wish could join you.
  • Eat something great! Don’t forget to take time to dine at a wonderful restaurant or pack a special picnic lunch on your day and
  • Enjoy every moment and take it all in –  Part of the allure of an elopement style wedding, is that you can really let it all sink in and enjoy every moment because the day goes by fast.  So, take deep breaths in and remember every moment. It will be one of that is with you forever.

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Thanks for tuning in! Please message me with any questions! I’d love to hear from you!