PEI Love-Story Chronicles, Volume I – “The Bread Clip”

PEI Love-Story Chronicles, Volume I – “The Bread Clip”


Prince Edward Island Love-Story Chronicles – “The Bread Clip”

Written by: Marsha E. Weeks, PEI Wedding Officiant

Every PEI wedding that I officiate has something unique and special about it. There are always special nuances, stories and moments that make each PEI wedding day a one-of-a-kind and it’s always the unplanned that brings about those forever, engraved in your heart, moments that you remember for years and years to come. Welcome to Volume I of the PEI Love-Story Chronicles where I’ll tell beautiful stories from years of weddings and unforgettable moments that I’ve encountered as a PEI Wedding Officiant. All stories are posted with permission from the couples that I’ve officiated for, right here on Prince Edward Island.


I met Rose & Harold the night before their wedding.  We met at their new home and my first sight of Rose was with her Newfoundland Dog, Paisley and her 8 week black lab puppy, June.


I already liked this lady and I hadn’t even met her officially!


Not only was Rose warm and inviting but meeting Harold next, was equally wonderful! What a nice guy! He was quiet, introspective, sweet and kind and obviously head over heels in love with his wife to be.


I sat down to talk about their love-story and to get all of the wonderful content for their ceremony.


Harold and Rose met and on the first date, they both instantly had the same feeling. They both knew they had met someone special; in fact, Rose was sure she’d just met her future husband.


We talked about their story, their vows and their vision for the ceremony. They had decided to move forward with their wedding ceremony despite Covid, because the only thing they wanted was to be married. They opted for a beautiful PEI elopement style wedding to celebrate their love.


I also asked, as I ask all couples, if they wanted to include any sort of symbolic element to their ceremony. Plant a tree? Join sand? Tie a knot? I always say symbolic ceremonies are not for everyone, but, I also encourage couples to think outside of the box. If there is something that is really “you” – I’d love to include it. My goal is always to make ceremonies meaningful, personal and romantic.


Rose and Harold looked at each other and shared an “inside joke smile” and they started off with “well, this might be totally silly, but we have this thing…..”


This is the story of “The Bread Clip”.


You know those little plastic squares that some call bread ties or bread clips? The ones that you always find in inconspicuous places and you can never find when you need one?


Rose and Harold had dated long distance through most of their relationship – simply because they were both in school and were led on different paths in their respective careers when they met.  Harold was in school to be an Engineer. Rose was in school to be a Veternarian. They always managed to find time to see each other as often as they could because they knew what they had was something so special.


One day, they were sitting at the kitchen table, talking about life – just the two of them. Rose and Harold talked about how they hoped, wished and dreamed that they could be together permanently in one place in the future and that it was sometimes so hard to be apart.


It was in that moment that Harold took a bread clip from a bread bag, snapped it in two and gave Rose the other half.  He said that no matter where they are, they would always be together and connected with the bread clip. They never told anyone about this little special moment but, through many moves, years of school and visiting back and forth together, they both respectively kept their bread clip halves. No matter where they went, their half of the bread clip went with them.


They asked me if I thought there was a way to incorporate the bread clip into their wedding ceremony.


I think in this moment – I felt like my PEI Wedding Officiant dreams had just came true! Of course, this simple act of love could be included in their ceremony!  Not only did this little piece of plastic represent their journey together as a couple but it also really told me the quality of the two people that were sitting in front of me. Rose and Harold were such good people and I couldn’t contain my excitement in sharing their story.


On their wedding day – overlooking the Charlottetown Harbour, with sunshine, blue skies and violin and cello music floating in the air, Rose and Harold gathered their closest friends and family members to celebrate their love. Even June and Paisley walked down the aisle! Harold and Rose exchanged their own personal vows and promises which could only be described as the most connected and sincere words that I’ve ever witnessed as an Officiant. There wasn’t anyone with a dry eye as we all listened to their beautiful words.


It was my pleasure to share the wonderful bread clip story as part of their ceremony and then Harold produced a roll of scotch tape from his suit pants pocket and in front of all those people that they love dearly, they taped their bread clip back together! Rose and Harold are planning to frame it to display in their home as a reminder of their journey in love.


My talented PEI photographer friend, Cheryl Perry, ( told me after the ceremony that she will never look at a bread clip the same way again.


Me neither, Cheryl. Me neither.


Make your ceremony yours – it doesn’t matter how silly it seems – if it’s “you”, it will only add another page to your love story and create a memory that will be forever remembered as only yours.


Happy Wedding Planning!




Story written with permission from Rose & Harold

Photo by Cheryl Perry Photography