More Bridal Fantasy elopement details

More Bridal Fantasy elopement details


As promised, I want to write more about our amazing elopement feature in Bridal Fantasy Magazine as a joint collaboration between Barbara Rahal Photography ( and myself! Barbara is an artist with tremendous vision and she is OH SO TALENTED!

I was happy choose the skilled, reputable and reliable vendors to make this shoot fabulous!

Here are some of the many Prince Edward Island vendors that I would trust with my special day and here’s why!

Tara Taylor, Taylored Beauty

I really love a few things in wedding vendors – #1 is a being perfectionist and skilled at their craft, #2 is trustworthy, reliable and honest and #3 is genuine-ness and kindness. The elements combined, in my eyes, make a vendor worthy of being part of your special day and the celebration of your love story! No matter how small or large your wedding day is, you should be surrounded by wonderful people and Tara Taylor is one of these special people. She is an extremely talented makeup artist.

She genuinely cares about her clients, she’s excels at what she does- she loves highlighting the natural beauty of everyone she meets! She uses professional products, is insanely hygienic (she did give me an information session about the state of my beauty blender once) and she is mobile – which means she travels to you on Your PEI Wedding day!

Most of all, she is down to earth, funny, sweet, caring and will make you completely feel at ease.

Mary Coloris, Mary Coloris Hair Design

I’ve known Mary for a number of years and I recommend her to all my clients. She books up very fast. She is great at what she does, she takes her job seriously and she is funny, down to earth and so pretty! I never worry about getting in her chair. She owns her own business which makes her invested in making sure that you look your best on your day! She is also mobile, which I think really takes the stress out of a wedding day!

Sakurah, Sakurah’s Flower Studio

I work with Sakurah’s artistic abilities often for elopements and weddings. Her arrangements and bouquets are so beautiful. I’ve used the word artist a lot in this post but Sakurah is a wedding flower artist; a true floral visionary! As you’re talking to Sakurah, she can visualize what you’re trying to explain in her mind.

Do you see the flower necklace and flower hat pictured below? She just made that. No Pinterest inspiration. Just from a casual conversation.

Sakurah is one of the most professional and sweetest colleagues (and now great friend) that I’ve had a chance to work with. She puts everything into her business and it shows. Do you need a flower necklace, a boutonniere, a flower crown? Sakurah’s your girl! Hands down.

Michala Robinson, The Wedding Chaperone

I’ve known Michala a few years now and I didn’t really get very much opportunity to know her until this wedding season. We did a few weddings together but no real chance to sit down and chat or get to know each other. You can be assured that on Your PEI Wedding day, The Wedding Chaperone cares. She cares a lot about how things flow, she wants everything to look the best they can (she has a great eye for decor) and she’s an in-the-background kind of girl making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. On our shoot, our bride had little mishap with Chef Darius’s chowder…Michala to the rescue with soda to clean the stain. You needed something held while it was your turn to get your picture taken?Michaela to the rescue… Have a few wrinkles in your dress that need to be steamed?… guessed it! Michala to the rescue! Michala was at the shoot until the very end even though she didn’t have to be, she worried all day about if the bride was cold for the outdoor shoot and was constantly wrapping her in a sweater when she wasn’t being photographed, Michala’s soft spoken, kind demeanour along with her knowledge of the wedding industry makes Michala a great choice for a wedding coordinator. I consider it a great privilege to have gotten to know her and I’m sure glad I did!

Barbara Rahal, Barbara Rahal Photography

I work with lots of different, amazing, great, super photographers every time I do a wedding. When I get to a PEI wedding, I’m usually chatting with the photographer first and 9.9 times out of 10 – I know them. When I arrived at Kiaya and Adrian’s wedding rehearsal in Stanley Bridge a couple of years ago, I didn’t know the photographer at all but I sure made a point to get to know her! As a hopeless romantic, I do believe in that things happen for a reason. Since Kiaya and Adrian’s day – Barbara and I have remained friends which was the best gift and also, when we collaborated on this project, I was thrilled. Barbara is as professional photographer as you’re going to find, she’s a perfectionist and she knows how to make you look and feel your best in front of a camera.

If you’re thinking of coming to PEI to get married, send Barbara a note – she lives in Edmonton but spends time on PEI during the spring/summer months (she has family here) and may be able to work in a few photography shoots in the same time period as your wedding!

Marsha Weeks, Your PEI Wedding

Marsha Weeks – Marriage Commissioner/Officiant. Photo Credit: Barbara Rahal Photography

I say this in basically every written piece about why I’m a Marriage Commissioner. I love weddings. I put my whole heart and soul into them and when I think about all the weddings that I’ve officiated over the past 7 years, the thing I remember most about every single one of them isn’t the dress or the decor or how big or small the guest list is – whether there are pew markers or signs at the base of the aisle saying “pick a seat, not a side, we’re all family once the knot is tied!”. The thing I remember is the happiness that eminates not only from the couple getting married but from all their friends and family. As cliche as it sounds when I look out into the audience, there are always smiles, all the pre-wedding tension disappears , and it’s the most “real” period of the whole day where everyone just feels genuine joy.

I’m also a Marriage Commissioner because I feel in my heart that I was destined to be one. I’m the very definition of a hopeless romantic. The way I choose a book to read, is by reading the ending first to see if it is a happy ending, I collect china plates in pretty patterns, I love pearls and antiques, wearing dresses, practicing my fiddle and I live for a good love story. I’m also 36, so I realize I may not be by definition cool but being around love makes me feel good, it fills my cup.

I never take for granted being asked to be the officiant for someones wedding day. I consider it an honour and a privilege – maybe because it’s the first love story that I don’t read the ending first!

Like I always say, whether your wedding day is an intimate elopement or 300 guests in a grand ballroom.- I promise, that Your PEI Wedding will be personal, light airy and romantic and unique – just like you!

Happy Wedding Planning!